Simply Gene are basic dolls with looser hairstyles and minimal costuming.  They were available in three hair colors in 1999, followed by a platinum blonde version in 2000, raven black in 2001, blonde in 2002 and a golden blonde in 2005.

Costume design based on an original 50's costume by Valentino's of Hollywood

Info Edit

GM SimplyGene 93526 27 28

1999 Version Edit

SKU: 93526 (redhead/pink)

SKU: 93527 (blonde/yellow)

SKU: 93527 (brunette/blue)

Circa: 1950s

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $59.95

IMG 1916

2000 Version Edit

SKU: 76157 (platinum/black)

Circa: 1950s

Price: $69.95

IMG 1914

2001 Version Edit

SKU: 38239 (raven/lavender)

Circa: 1950s

Price: $69.95

2002 VersionEdit

SKU: 76477 (blonde/blue)

Circa: 1950s


IMG 1452

Photo Sandra Stillwell

2005 Version Edit

SKU: (golden blonde/green)

Circa: 1950s


Included extra wardrobe pieces

Story Card Edit

1999 version Edit

Gene Marshall...the toast of the fashion world, a designer's delight...sat down at her mirrored vanity with an array of brushes, hairpins, bows, and curlers before her.  She had a day off from her busy shooting schedule, and was enjoying the luxury of having a bit of fun.  She brushed her healthy, silky hair until it was gleaming.  She had to grow it out longer than usual for her role in her current film, and loved its supple, shining new length.  Her hairdresser adored it too, saying that Gene's hair was the most beautiful and easiest to work with out of all the other stars in Monolithic Studios.

Gene opened a fashion magazine to the page she wanted.  It gave step-by-step instructions for a dashing new hairstyle that Gene admired and wanted to try on herself.  With deft moves, and frequent checking of the magazine, Gene swept her hair up into a deceptively elaborate French twist, securely pinning up the heavy tresses and smoothing down stray flyaway wisps.  Gene turned her head this way and that, checking the results in the mirror.  "Not bad...not bad at all!"  Gene smiled to herself, pleased with the handiwork.  On impulse, she rose from the vanity and went to her wardrobe, pulling out a sumptuous ballgown, a cocktail dress, and an antique Victorian costume from one of her favorite roles.  She tried them all on, modeling before the mirror, accessorizing and primping.  She loved it when she could indulge in a little feminine fun and just be herself--simply Gene.