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Red Venus is a Gene doll depicting Gene Marshall as Morgan O'Day in the film Red Venus.


SKU: 96402

Released: 1995

Retired: 2001

Circa: 1944

Designer: Tim Kennedy

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $69.95

Story Card[]

Film fans of Gene Marshall: get ready for this!  It's Red Venus, her first "bad girl" role, and furthermore, her first screen appearance as a ravishing redhead.  She plays a gangster's moll with a story to hide...but her on-screen gowns do plenty of revealing, in that sly, sexy way that studio designers know so well.  The climactic final scene will have you hating her character, envying her figure...and cheering her electrifying performance!

Red Venus is the perfect gown for a gangster's paramour: ruby taffeta, off-the-shoulder, with dramatic asymmetrical draping across the hips.  With a sensational boa of gathered tulle layered in two colors, let Gene hold it above her head or sling it impetuously to the ground!  With matching shoes, hose, and jewelry.  Circa 1944.

As your Hollywood star rises, you look for more challenging roles that test your talents.  And you especially relish playing characters completely unlike yourself.  This is what happens to Gene when she plays Red Venus, a gangster's mistress, in the film of the same name.

As the provocative Morgan O'Day, she demonstrates how she can portray a "bad girl" and make her sympathetic.  Critics praise Gene for the dramatic edge she brings to this suspenseful film.  They're particularly impressed with Gene's defiant strut to a police car on the arms of two arresting officers, wearing an outfit as sensational as her performance.

Gene makes her film debut as a sultry redhead in this role, her hair arranged in sensuous, cascading waves that catch the light like burnished copper.  Dressed all in red, her off-the-shoulder gown is iridescent taffeta, accented by a floor-length boa of gathered tulle and matching heels.  She completes the look with a multi-strand choker of garnet-colored beads.

Though simply designed to complement her perfect figure, the gown's asymmetrical cut and dramatic draping created quite a stir on Seventh Avenue, leading to many imitations.  But no one will ever wear this dress as beautifully as Gene does...and it helps make her a screen legend!