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Pink Lightning is a cocktail dress worn by Gene Marshall to a press party.

Pink lightning.jpg


SKU: 96405

Released: 1995

Retired: 1998

Circa: 1956

Designer: Tim Kennedy

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $29.95

Story Card[]

In a gala reception last Thursday, studio head Reuben Lilienthal announced Monolithic's first Gene Marshall musical, titled Bird of Paradise, due for spring release.  Miss Marshall charmed us with an impromptu rendition of "There's a Small Hotel" sung at the piano.  She was dazzling as ever, in blue taffeta with a dramatic zig-zag hem of pink and silver.  We're told Miss Marshall agreed to the musical project only if she could do her own film dubbing--no problem there!

Pink Lightning is true Hollywood dazzle: midnight-blue taffeta with a portrait neckline, set off by shocking pink organdy draped at the bosom and around the shoulders.  A flash of pink and silver lamé defines the unique staggered hemline.  With matching shoes and clutch handbag.  Circa 1956.

Sizzling with color...sumptuous fabrics...and the kind of drop-dead couture detailing that only a star can afford: that's the kind of dress you get to wear when you're a Hollywood legend!

Gene can now have her pick of the work of the best designers, and one of her favorite cocktail dresses measures up as a real dazzler!  The first time Gene wears it to a studio press party, it causes quite a storm, and earns the name "Pink Lightning" for its pink accents and the flash of silver lamé that peeks from the hem of the skirt.

This fabulous dress is tailored of taffeta...the unexpected dazzle of silver lamé, catching the light in the hem of the asymmetrically tailored skirt, is a bold fashion statement that truly gives this dress enduring "star appeal".  And there's yet another glimmer of silver in the lamé underslip that shines through provocatively at the hem.

Of course, Gene has an evening bag and high-heeled sandals that exactly match her dress.  Pink Lightning is a grown-up fantasy come true, for a legendary beauty!


Pink Lightning references Gene's film Bird of Paradise, which, according to the Bird of Paradise story card, was released in 1949; Pink Lightning, however, is circa 1956.