Gene Marshall Wiki

Gilt-y Girl depicts Gene in a gold, white and black day ensemble.


SKU: 92055

Released: 2008

Edition: 300

Circa: 1940s

Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: $125.00


Gene doll with medium brown sleeked back hair. Red lips, soft brown eyeshadow.


White button front jacket. Black gingham blouse with gold embroidery. Black pencil skirt.


Black gingham turban, white gloves.


Black "leather" platform pumps.


"Diamond" earrings, "diamond" brooch, gold cuff bracelet.


Guilty as charged, as long the crime in question is Gene stealing your heart in this lovely, three-piece, day ensemble. A tailored white, button front jacket with abbreviated waist and padded shoulders, sits atop a black and white gingham blouse lavishly embroidered in metallic gold and fitted to a T. A pencil-thin black skirt with flared hemline is the noir side of this early 40s look with it’s sophisticated silhouette and dark connections to the gold embroidered, black and white gingham turban and black ‘leather’, platform pumps. The loot is ‘diamond’ earrings and enough ‘gold’ jewelry to thrill even a gun moll with multiple broaches and ‘gold’ cuff bracelets worth surrendering for. Gene’s stylish coif is medium brunette and her makeup a look that says ‘innocent’. What is it they say, ‘white gloves, black heart’ or maybe it’s ‘white gloves, heart of gold’? Either way, you’ll have no trouble picking Gene out of the fashion lineup with “Gilt-y Girl”.