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The Gene Marshall Wiki is a freely editable encyclopedia of Mel Odom's Gene Marshall doll, her companions, fashions and accessories produced by Ashton-Drake and Integrity Toys.

About the Gene Doll[]

Gene is a collectible fashion doll inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood. Created by Mel Odom, she debuted in 1995 and was one of the first large fashion dolls targeted toward adult collectors.

The Gene line was produced by Ashton-Drake from 1995 - 2005, Integrity Toys from 2006-2010, then in a Resin Ball Jointed version in 2013 to present JAMIEshow Dolls USA

Made of hard plastic (ABS) body with a porcelain-like finish and vinyl head with rooted hair, the Gene doll stands 15 1/2" tall, has painted eyes and applied eyelashes. The first dolls had joints at the neck, shoulders, and hips. Later dolls added jointing at the knee, elbow, waist, and wrist for better pose-ability. The JAMIEshow Dolls of today are Resin, and Ball Jointed Dolls, handmade and hand painted. 

Fashions for Gene exemplify the wardrobe of a Hollywood film star; glamorous film costumes, lingerie, day and evening wear of the mid 20th century.

Friends of Gene Marshall included Madra Lord, Trent Osborn, Violet Waters, Ivy Jordan, Zita Charles, Oona and a vinyl representation of actress Marsha Hunt.

2015 marks Gene's 20th anniversary on the doll scene.


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