Femme d'Intrigue shows Gene Marshall in the film La Femme d'Intrigue.

Info Edit


Released: 2005


Circa: 18th century via 1940s?

Designer: Van Craig

Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

Sitting in the darkened theater, waiting for the feature to begin, audiences were taken aback when the screen was suddenly filled with the words, "It was the book that shocked three continents--and now it's coming to THIS screen!"

It could only be one movie: La Femme d'Intrigue, the film version of the naughty book that had topped the bestseller lists for a record number of weeks.  La Femme d'Intrigue was one of those books that everyone tut-tutted--but eagerly bought and read on the sly, giggling when they found out a friend had read it, too.  It was like belonging to a private club, without the secret handshake.

And Monolithic Studios had bought the rights to this sensational story of court intrigue in eighteenth century France and the lady who orchestrated with her feigned innocence and feminine wiles.  A perfect role for Madra Lord--but much to everyone's surprise, the coveted part went to America's favorite good girl, Gene Marshall!

Gene was thrilled to take on the challenge.  She read the book cover to cover (twice!)--turning a little red as she tried to imagine how certain passages would translate the screen without offending the Hays Code.  She began haunting museums and libraries, and even arranged a meeting with the book's author (who, she discovered, was a meek New England dowager with a VERY vibrant imagination!).

Now, finally, the book that couldn't be filmed was the film that couldn't be missed--and it broke records across the country and around the world, introducing a different Gene to a new--and appreciative--audience!