Cocoa Crisp depicts Gene Marshall in a fifties style day suit.

Info Edit

SKU: 92022

Released: 2007

Edition: 800


Company: Integrity Toys


Doll Edit

Gene doll with strawberry blonde hair, and green eyes. Styled with widow's peak pulled back into low chignon. Red lips, soft brown eyeshadow.


Brown cotton jacket with three-quarter length bell sleeves and emrboidered balloon cuffs, matching pencil skirt.


White satin gloves, cream floral headband hat, brown "leather" clasp handbag.


Brown "leather" ankle strap pumps with sweetheart vamp.


"Gold" and "diamond" flower brooches, studs with pearl drop earrings, tennis bracelet.

Description Edit

“Cocoa Crisp” aims to fit, and does so with the precision and finesse of a treasured family recipe for the perfect puffed pastry. A fitted two-piece suit of warm burnt sienna rises to the occasion with unexpected three-quarter length sleeves, tapered to the elbow, then billowing over floral-embroidered white balloon cuffs. A sweet wisp of a hat, fashioned of milliner’s flower petals, echoes the white of the gloves and cuffs. Jewelry is the simplest of “diamond” earrings, matching two sparkling brooches. A smart bag and pumps of matching brown “leather” are the finishing touches to the drop-dead delicious confection that is “Cocoa Crisp.”

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