Cocktail Hour is a blue cocktail ensemble from the Studio Wardrobe™ Collection. It is picture on a Tea Dance Ivy.
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Info Edit

SKU: 92064

Released: 2008

Edition: 300

Circa: 1940's

Inspiration: Dior

Company: Integrity Toys

Price: Part of convention package The Girls from Dream City convention exclusive - Gene Convention XIII, Orlando, Florida, 2008


Blue satin and chiffon tunic, blue satin and chiffon pencil skirt.


Green satin hat, green satin elbow length gloves, blue "leather" handbag, purple floral corsage.


Two-toned open-toed pumps.


"Emerald" rhinestone earrings, "emerald" rhinestone bracelet.

Description Edit

Cocktail Hour is a delicious blend of both color and texture. Alternating stripes of turquoise satin and chiffon define the short-sleeved tunic top above a matching, narrow, knee-length skirt. Accessories of the HOUR are elbow-length gloves and a matching broad-brimmed hat of draped chartreuse satin. Stylishly eccentric two-toned, open-toed pumps match a deliciously hardware laden, turquoise ‘leather’ handbag. “Emerald’ earrings and bracelet add sparkle to this tempting mix with a corsage of lavender hibiscus to be worn where ever taste dictates.

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