Cascade in Blue
shows Gene Marshall at the premiere of Daughter of the Nile.  This doll came with "scrapbook pages".

Info Edit

SKU: 94104

Released: 2004


Circa: 1951

Designer: Ashton Drake team

Inspiration: Jacques Fath

Company: Ashton-Drake



Gene doll with medium brown hair. Styled with a side part swept back from front, to a low twist in back. Fuschia lips, soft pink eyeshadow and brown eyebrows.


Pale blue shirred bodice mermaid gown with finned neckline and rhinestone trim.


Pale blue tulle wrap and opera length gloves.




Attached rhinesthone brooch, matching earrings and choker necklace.


She'll take your breath away! Gene attends the 1945 premiere party of Daughter of the Nile in a striking light blue mermaid gown with daring décolletage; and a pleated front that swirls into a flared skirt. She's swathed in an ethereal tulle wrap and shimmering jewelry opera-length gloves hose and shoes finish this spectacular ensemble! Also comes with two Scrapbook pages!

Story Card Edit

1951's release Daughter of the Nile was the talk of the town.  At the world premiere, all of the newsreels and color sections were on hand to record this special event.  Critics loved the epic costume picture but were even more taken with Gene's beautiful performance as a priestess of Isis whose gift of seeing the future in the waters of the Nile came to the notice of the mighty Pharaoh.

Taking a cue from the Blue Nile, the branch of the Nile River where some of the location filming had taken place, the premiere party was a vision in blue, from the blue "palm trees" to the bleu cheese hors d'oeuvres served by blue loin-clothed waiters.  Even the orchestra was in tune with the evening, playing such hits as "Am I Blue?", "In My Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown", and "Blues in the Night", and other "blue" numbers.

But there was an audible gasp when the film's star parted the blue velvet curtains and stepped onto the blue carpeted stairway.  For there was Gene Marshall in a blue spotlight, dressed in a blue gown that fairly cascaded down her svelte figure.  Smiling, she made her way through the crowd of well-wishers, pausing briefly for the explosion of blue flashbulbs, as she sought the arm of her escort and began to enjoy the fun!