Blues in the Night
shows Violet Waters at the Golden Star Awards.  This doll came with "scrapbook pages".

Info Edit

SKU: 94445

Released: 2004


Circa: 1951


Inspiration: Valentino

Company: Ashton-Drake



Violet doll with medium brown hair. Styled with side part with rolls, chignon in back. Maroon lips, blue eyeshadow.


Brown silk embroidered mermaid gown, blue floor-length evening cloak.


Brown "fur" trimmed gloves, hosiery, two scrapbook pages.


Blue/brown beaded shoes


Blue beaded dangle earrings.


As featured presenter, Violet waits backstage at teh 1951 Golden Star Awards - little does she know that she's the one about to receive an award! She's the very model of stately elegance as she glides forth in this chocolate meraid gow with intricate blue embroidery beading and a matching blue evening coat that floats about her! And look at those "fur" trimmed gloves!

Story Card Edit

1951. Violet Waters stood backstage and twisted the program in her hands. She had been asked to be one of the presenters at this year's Golden Star Awards, an honor she accepted without a second thought--'til now.

"Be calm, girl, be calm," she whispered to herself. "You'll be just fine." All she had been given to do was make a quick announcement, introducing the two stars announcing the winner of the Best Song category. Presenting the presenters, so to speak. But even so, the idea of standing in front of a banquet hall full of celebrities still made her nervous, even though she was a "show biz veteran" by now. Impatiently, she adjusted the evening coat that covered her gown, wishing that she was back in her seat at the Monolithic Studios table.

Happily, her dear friend Gene Marshall had just gone out to present this year's Humanitarian Award. Gene had passed her on her way to the podium, and had given her a little hug. "Breathe deep, Vi--we'll chat about this later!" Gene had whispered. Now, Violet took that deep breath, just as she heard Gene at the podium say, "...For all the fine charity work she's done and her commitment to the betterment of all people, I'm proud to present this year's Humanitarian Award to my dear, dear friend and yours, Miss Violet Waters!"

Violet thought she was in a dream. It had all been a set-up to surprise her! She heard the thunderous applause and suddenly Gene was there, taking her hands and pulling her to the podium to accept one of the most wonderful honors she had ever received...